The MTV World Stage is back again for another year, and Xpax is proud to announce the lineup which include Robin Thicke, EXO, Far East Movement, Joe Flizzow and more.

MTV World Stage 2013 is happening 8th of September 2013 at Sunway Lagoon, 7pm. It sounds exciting, and we can't wait, which is why we're glad to announce that Xpax is giving away a bunch of passes, which you can win easily.

There are a couple of ways you can win yourselves passes to the much coveted music event:

1. By registering here to win exclusive XZone passes.
2. Upload creative Instagram photos or videos showing how badly you want the passes. Add @xpaxsays and hashtag these three tags: #timetomuxic, #xpax, and #worldstagemy, and voila! You could win a pair of passes for yourself.

So get your passes now! Or check out for more information.