China has earned a yet another bad reputation after their people made their mark in the world - and not in a good way. Rude Chinese tourists have recently been reported to ruin some of the world's greatest tourist attractions, something that has angered people around the world.

Xinhua News Agency reports that Xinwen Lianbo, a flagship news program on the state-run China Central Television (CCTV), aired videos that teach Chinese tourists to be more polite. The videos were aired for five consecutive days since last Wednesday.

Xinwen Lianbo usually covers political news and major events, but it shows how concerned the Chinese company is about the reputation of its tourists abroad.

The issue is so serious that on October 1, a new tourism law aims to make it legally binding for Chinese tourists to respect local customs and traditions, and unruly vacationers will risk penalties, according to Xinhua.

Here are some of the photos that went viral and angered netizens across the globe:

1. A teenager etched his name on this 3,500-year old Luxor Temple in Egypt:

2. Chinese tourists dipped their feet in a water fountain at the Louvre in Paris:

3. Beach-goers pose with a dying dolphin in Hainin, China: