Two men have recently been found guilty of committing mail fraud after attempting to claim insurance by passing blocks of ice for expensive iPads.

Back in May 2012, 29-year-old Nathan Meunch walked into the Wellington Post Office holding a package that he wanted delivered. The counter clerk noticed that his jacket look a bit damp, but he brushed it off by saying it was raining outside although the window near her work station proved otherwise. He then informed her that he was mailing a set of iPads that were valued at approximately $4,000 to be sent by special delivery and fully insured.

The second red flag occurred when she asked for a return address, which he claimed he couldn't remember. After dropping off his parcel, another post office employee noticed a puddle of water forming underneath the package. Further investigations revealed that the supposed "iPads" were just blocks of ice.

Nevertheless, the post office still delivered the package to its recipient. A few days after delivering the boxes, they received an insurance claim for $4,000. The stupid scheme was easily exposed by the authorities, who charged charged both Nathan and the parcel recipient with fraud.

The Guardian