Everyone talks about the fact that Super Bowl tickets are hard to get without the help of event specialists. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, as the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets depends on your geographic location, the popularity of the team you support, and other factors. If, however, the cost is not a problem, you could invest in one of the Super Bowl 2023 packages and take the entire experience to a whole other level.

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Let's look at the traditional way to get Super Bowl tickets.

How to Get Super Bowl Tickets

1. Early on, look for tickets on resale websites. Then you can get tickets at a lower cost and resell them if you don’t want to use them.
2. The official website or approved reseller, such as TickPick is usually the best place to get tickets. This ensures that the tickets you’re purchasing are genuine and in good condition. You can also try online auction websites but be cautious because some of these sites sell counterfeit tickets.
3. Another thing to keep in mind is that when the NFL release tickets, they are usually easy to secure—but they go fast! If you need them right away, it might be worth investing in a premium ticket.
4. Historically, the best time to buy tickets is the week after Championship Sunday, as ticket prices drop 12% during that time. The average price rises by 6% in the final seven days before Super Bowl Sunday.
5. Buy your tickets as soon as possible. The earlier you purchase them, the lower the price.
6. The best time to buy cheap tickets is after the game starts. It’s usually “name your own price.” If the scalper loses money, getting anything higher than $0 for the ticket is preferable to getting nothing at all.
7. Resellers operate by matching buyers with people who already own Super Bowl tickets. The sellers are usually team season-ticket holders who won a chance to buy the tickets at face value through a team lottery. They then sell those tickets on resell sites. (The sites take a percentage of the sale price and occasionally charge fees.)
8. Secondary market Super Bowl ticket prices have historically dropped as game day approaches. However, you don’t want to leave it until the last minute. Other expenses, such as plane tickets and hotel rooms, skyrocket as the flight date approaches.
9. Be aware of any sales or discounts that may be available ahead of time.
10. If you find tickets in your price range in the days leading up to the game, take advantage of them. Often, fans wait for a price drop that never comes and is eventually priced out. Prices rise as the number of available tickets decreases in the last days before the game, particularly for lower-priced seats.
11. You won’t find a deal on reseller sites right before the game. You could, however, simply walk around outside the venue as people walk in. Someone always has something. Sellers will probably take whatever they can when they are about to walk in.
12. If the cost isn’t an issue, wait and see if the price drops.
13. Keep tabs on the market. Examine secondary market prices for Super Bowl tickets several times per day and choose a price point that you’re willing to pay.
14. Track the total number of seats available for the game, but only in the section, you’re most interested in sitting in.
15. Check third-party ticket resellers, such as TickPick for any available discounts.
16. If you’re looking for bargains, the best time to buy is usually 6–8 days after the Conference Championships. All but one of the last five Super Bowls had their lowest admission prices during this time period (2020). Tickets were at their lowest price four days after the Conference Championship games in 2020.
17. The best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is a year in advance. This allows you plenty of time to compare prices and determine which ones are the best.
18. Be cautious of scams; the chances may be low, but not as low as you believe. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office recovered 146 counterfeit tickets last year, and that figure only represents what they recovered. Many victims of fraud did not purchase their tickets on the street, where police could recover them. Many cases of fraud go unreported, and only the pros dabble in counterfeiting during the Super Bowl.
19. Always remember to compare the final cost when comparing prices, as other ticket sites charge additional fees at checkout.
20. Compare prices and find a ticket deal that works for you and is the best value for your money.
21. When a matchup is announced, ticket prices almost always fall. Is this the right time to buy Super Bowl tickets? Statistics show it’s unlikely. Every season is unique, but according to the same study, ticket prices over the last five years ranged from the day of the game to 14 days in advance. The important thing is to keep watch.
22. The best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is any time. There is no magic formula that says you should buy tickets four days, two hours, and thirty-six minutes before kickoff. The cheapest tickets are available when demand is high, so keep a lookout at the ticket exchanges and try to strike gold.


If you are not worried about the price of a Super Bowl ticket, and just want to enjoy the complete experience, you could let a destination management company take care of everything for you. From the time you get on the plane, till you get home.