Albrecht Law has narrowed down the dynamics of product liability law so that people have ease in understanding. 


Product liability means that if a manufacturer is producing a defective product and passing it to be available on the market and causing damage to people, they will be liable to pay compensation to the victim/victims. This includes:

Manufacturers of parts
Assembling manufacturers
The wholesaler
The retail store owner

The products that are inherently defective and harm the customer will be subjected to product liability. 

Defects that create liability 

Three types of defects lash the manufacturers or the suppliers with product liability lawsuits:

1. Design defects:

These defects prevail long before the product is manufactured. Maybe the product is functioning well, they are subjected to cause damage at any given point while in use.
The plaintiff is burdened to prove that the defect is the reason for their damage, this rule is prevalent in 47 states. Laws in California, Hawaii, and Alaska are however different. 

2. Manufacturing defects

It occurs during the making of the product.
Not all the products of the same lot are defective, maybe a few are defective.

3. Defects in marketing

When the marketing agents fail to tell the customers about the underlying danger that the product might have. 

Strict Liability

Product liability is a strict liability and is hard to overcome. If the plaintiff can prove the default in the product, the defendant is bound to compensate regardless of the intention of the plaintiff. Trying to establish the points that showcase that the business organization has put a lot of care into the manufacturing of the product is baseless, if you are convicted you will be liable to pay the compensation. 

Liabilities and Forums

Due to the number of steps involved in the production, and a large number of people who buy the product, it involves a large amount of jurisdiction both from the defendant's end and the plaintiff's end. As there might be a large number of plaintiffs who are involved, find a forum shop, and then approach a lawyer who can have a sympathetic angle on product liability cases. 


There are a specific group of lawyers who are involved in dealing with product liability cases. Once you contact the lawyer, they will aim to find more people who were victims of the same product. While you will be leading the case other people just need to sign the petition.