This L.A.-based business with an unfortunate name is renting out "wives" for $40 an hour, but only to take care of various chores for you (which means no sleeping around on the side).

The Rent-a-Wife will tackle domestic tasks like closet organization, cupcake baking, office administration, dog-walking, and "making things pretty." Clients can order various wife packages like "The Starter Wife" which is five hours a month, "The Good Wife" for 10 hours, or "The Trophy Wife" for 15 hours.

But before you think that only lazy guys would be into this kind of stuff, the website states that the service "is not just for busy mothers, we also cater to single dads, overwhelmed executives, and anyone who needs more time and eight more hands."

Regardless of who it caters to, it's the name that really ticks people off, mainly since it just affirms sexist tropes and cliches about how women are the ones responsible for household chores. Because let's face it, nobody wants to end up with some guy who still thinks it's okay to treat his wife like his own personal maid.

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