Hooray for new Magical Penis inventions! The new spray called 'Tempe' is meant to cure premature ejaculation and was invented by none other than Mike Wyllie, the very same dude who helped create Viagra back in the 90s.

A quick spritz on the tip and the effects will apparently kick in within five minutes, and can last for up to two hours. The spray has reportedly been judged safe and effective by the European Medicines Agency, and is expected to arrive at American pharmacies early-2014.

During trials, men who'd applied the spray before sex were able to last five times longer.  However, some reported experiencing headaches and a burning sensation (which is not something anyone wants to experience down there).

And critics of the spray argue that it may distract those suffering from this condition from confronting the root cause of the problem (stress, anxiety, underlying medical condition, relationship struggles, etc.)