There are already so many apps that want to better your sex lives. This one app however wants to track your performance. Mobile app Spreadsheets provides statistics and historical feedback about your movements and audio levels. You'll have to leave your phone on the mattress to monitor your activity to do this.

Sounds like something you could be interested in? Check out a couple of screenshots on how it works and what sort of fun you can have with it.

First, download and start it up:

Specify which gender you are so that Spreadsheets can give you appropriate feedback.

Pick your character:

Since Spreadsheets relies on your phone's accelerometer, you need to calibrate it based on the type of mattress you have.

To do this, bounce around for a bit on your bed.

Till you get this:

The bottom line shows movement and the top line shows sound.

After each encounter, Spreadsheets will reward you with achievements like "Data Virgin," "Quick Spread," and "Morning Glory."

Spreadsheets breaks down the length of your "shag," total thrusts per minute, and highest decibel reached.

The calendar view lets you quickly see how much sex you're having per day as well as all your averages and records: