Men get gray hair and wrinkles too. But while we might not fret as much as the ladies, that doesn't mean you can't do something to keep yourself looking younger than you really are. Below are some key tips that you can start incorporating into your daily routine before Father Time really catches up on you:

Skin Care

The key to looking younger is to make sure you take care of your skin. You can start with night creams packed with free-radical-fighting ingredients to help hydrate and protect your epidermis against environmental stress and damage that causes skin to age.

Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is both thinner and more delicate than everywhere else. Apply eye cream every morning and night to keep those wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles at bay

Sun Damage

Sun exposure is the No. 1 cause of skin that looks old before its time. To avoid looking like you're made of leather, apply a daily SPF and wear sunglasses.

Scrub It Down

Dull and lifeless skin is the result of our skin-cell turnover, which slows dramatically as you age. So you'll need to polish those dead cells away with a scrub in order to reveal the youthful glow underneath. Regular use will also allow moisturizers and anti-aging serums to penetrate deeper into the skin for added effectiveness.

Hold On To Your Hair

Sorry baldies, but a full head of hair is still considered a sign of virility. So if you're worried about your mane, try switching to a high-quality shampoo designed to fight hair loss and promote healthy, thicker hair growth.

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