Ever since the start of the pandemic we have all developed a fond attraction to our favorite hoodie. With more time spent at home and a greater appreciation for comfortable clothes, our hoodie has likely become a go-to piece in our wardrobe.

We would go so far to say that hoodies are probably the most amazing invention in the fashion industry. We honestly do not know what we would do without them.
What was once considered a piece of fashion that only an athlete would ever wear, hoodies are now widely accepted and you can even wear them in many companies nowadays too and not be judged!
From the graphic hoodies men selections to more elegant and fashion-forward hoodies for women, there are so many great options out there for you to choose from.
There are also plenty of different ways to also make your hoodie unique. With the ability to custom print graphics or logos on a hoodie as well, you can truly get your dream hoodie to wear every single day!
But with so much selection available comes a variety of options in the world of materials. How can you tell which materials are right for you and also made ethically and sustainably?
This is where we come in. We have rounded up all the different materials and characteristics to look for when you are searching for your ultimate hoodie.
1. Cotton Material

Cotton is probably one of the most common materials used for hoodies and for good reason! It is not only made from fibers that are natural but is a material that is highly absorbent. This is why it is so practical too—especially if you are wanting to do something active while staying warm.
Many athletes have cotton hoodies as part of their daily workout gear ensemble, also because it provides such a lightweight option that easily moves with the body. Make sure to do your research though, as often cotton hoodies are combined with other materials like polyester.
2. Fleece Material

If you want extra warmth and cuddly feels then a fleece hoodie is one of the best options for you. Especially if you tend to live in an area that is colder and experiences a true winter! Fleece material gets its cuddly feel from being made from a combination of cotton and wool.
These hoodies are most popular for people who want an outdoor adventure and are especially popular for those who want warmth, comfort, and protection while also feeling stylish.
A great perk of hoodies made from fleece is that they are quite durable when it comes to wear and tear. So it is an investment that will last you for quite a while.
3. Nylon Material

Another great option when it comes to hoodie material is nylon. It is made of a synthetic fabric that gives a fun shiny look. It is more stylish and does not provide the same level of comfort that a fleece or cotton hoodie can. However, what it does offer is a more upgraded style that lets a hoodie be worn for more fun occasions and make a serious fashion statement.
In addition to materials, there are certain characteristics that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to finding the ultimate hoodie to wear. These characteristics include:
1. The Stretch Factor

The whole point of wearing a hoodie is to feel comfortable. So the last thing you want is to feel constricted in a hoodie. When finding the best hoodie for you, make sure that it has plenty of stretches. That way you can easily cuddle up in it whenever you want.
2. The Weight Factor

Another important factor to consider when it comes to the material of your hoodie is its weight of it. There should be a good balance between the thickness of the material and the comfort and warmth it provides. You do not want to get a hoodie that is so bulky and heavy that you find yourself becoming overheated as soon as you put it on!
3. The Drape Factor

Of course, you want to also make sure that the hoodie fits on your body well. The whole point of rocking a hoodie is to look equally stylish! The drape of the hoodie should match your own unique body and flatter it in every possible way.
Keep in mind that depending on the material that your hoodie is, the drape of it may change after you wash it.

Overall, there are a lot of different factors to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect hoodie. You will want your hoodie to age well, provide you with a ton of comfort and be something you can really wear all year long.
With this in mind, we can’t wait for you to get cozy in your new hoodie.