Micro dosing psychedelics, particularly magic mushrooms, is not a new practice. However, it has steadily gained popularity in the past couple of years.

Magic mushrooms are naturally occurring fungi that contain psilocybin, a psychoactive hallucinogenic compound that could cause psychedelic effects when ingested in large enough quantities.

Image source: Unsplash

This year, a British Columbia company opened Canada’s largest licensed facility for growing magic mushrooms. They expect to produce around 2,000 kilograms of dried magic shrooms per month. 

Aside from vendors and business people, scientists are also being drawn into the trend, trying to study and quantify the effects of micro dosing on people’s physical and mental health.

What Is Microdosing?
Magic mushrooms are most commonly known for their hallucinogenic properties, thus being nicknamed “magic.” 

However, more anecdotal evidence is coming out regarding the benefits of micro dosing or taking minuscule amounts of the mushroom, usually around a tenth of a gram, which is not enough to produce full-on hallucinations. 

According to proponents of the practice, micro dosing offers many benefits, such as enhanced creativity, increased sociability, and relief from stress or anxiety. 

Research surrounding micro dosing psychedelics, particularly magic mushrooms, is still in its infancy, primarily due to many countries still banning psilocybin. 

However, the existing studies on micro dosing show promising results and prospects for the practice, especially in improving one’s mood and alleviating anxiety and stress.

How To Microdose Mindfully
With the growing popularity of mushroom microdosing in Canada, it’s essential to know how to micro dose properly and mindfully. Below are some ways to help you make the most of your micro dosing experience:
Record Your Experience
Keeping a written record is essential to maintain a relatively objective outlook on your experience with micro dosing. 

Try starting a journal a week or a few weeks before your first micro dose to get a baseline of your emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations. Keep writing in your journal when you start micro dosing to keep a physical record of your micro dosing experience.

Your entries don’t have to be highly detailed, as long as you write down the crucial details, such as your dosage and how you felt throughout the day.

Measure Your Mushrooms
Measuring your mushrooms is essential if you want to micro dose. Eyeballing your dosage is highly inaccurate and could cause you to trip, especially if you take too much. 

You could buy pre-measured magic mushroom capsules, which help you track how much you’re taking. However, if you’re measuring your mushrooms yourself, use a small weighing scale to be precise. 

There is no exact science detailing how much you need for a micro dose, as it will depend on other factors, such as your body weight and tolerance. You could start with 0.1 grams to be safe and adjust as necessary once you grasp its effects.

Take Breaks
Even if you’re only micro dosing, you could quickly build up a tolerance to magic mushrooms if you take them too often. This is why taking breaks is crucial.

As you start, try micro dosing once every three days. You could adjust this time line accordingly, depending on your observations. Continually update your journal to see how your mind and body react, even if you’re on a micro dosing break.

Some people even take longer breaks if they still feel the benefits of the mushrooms after a more extended period. You do not have to micro dose forever. 

Assess Your Experience
After around a month, go back to your journal and assess your micro dosing experience. From here, you could make necessary adjustments to help enhance your experience. 

You could increase or decrease your dosage, take longer or shorter breaks, or even stop the experiment if you feel it’s not serving you anymore.

Micro dosing is a relatively simple method to help improve your moods and habits. However, it will not solve all your problems for you. Working on other aspects of your life is vital to help make the most out of your micro dosing experience.