Career opportunities in personal development are expanding. There are many reasons to incorporate non-clinical coaching into comprehensive treatment plans for continued personal growth. The pandemic alone highlighted the importance of health and well-being, motivating people to pursue careers in non-clinical health coaching or to expand their current career paths with additional health certifications. 

Becoming a certified life coach is easier than ever, with online programs tailored to meet the core principles and objectives of personal improvement and general wellness. You do not need to pursue a degree to gain certification and begin practicing. The course breakdown simplifies things, with three main tracks for approaching certification. 

If you’re looking to learn how to become a life coach online, get started with iNLP Center and enroll in the online training programs that are ICF-accredited and self-paced for life. With programs that merge scientific approaches to healing like NLP, you’re pursuing your life coach certification with the tools you need to streamline your success. To learn more about achieving your life coach certification online, read on! 

What Is Involved In Learning How To Become A Life Coach Online? 

With iNLP Center and online programs, you can follow along at your own pace and receive training that is 100% online. You also get 30 live sessions each week, trainer support, and earn five specific coaching certifications. Your learnings will also include marketing training so you can get a head start marketing your future life coaching services. 

To learn how to become a life coach, choose one of three approaches: life coach track, master coach track, or mental health coach track. Each pathway gives you access to all the materials and information you’ll need to achieve your certification at your own pace. You’ll learn coaching skills that blend NLP and inner work inspired by Jungian approaches. 

The best part? If unsatisfied with the program, you can receive your money-back guarantee within the first seven days of starting your program. 

What Is Included In The Three Tracks? 

In the track you choose to learn how to become a life coach, you’ll be given courses and obtain three certifications as a Certified Life Coach, NLP Master, and NLP Practitioner. Additionally, you’ll accumulate training and master skills with ICF training, open-ended marketing training, and your 30 live training sessions on Zoom. Expect to spend at least 160 hours training to achieve your life coach certification. 

How Do I Get Started? 

To start learning how to become a life coach online, select the course, you plan on attending and click “Enroll Now” on the page. From there, you can view any prerequisites that may be required to proceed. Once enrolled, you can access the Student Dashboard, where you’ll view course materials and complete your learning. 

Advance Your Career And Get Certified 

Advance your career and benefit yourself and your future clients by learning how to become a life coach online. Enroll now and see what opportunities await you and your growth as a health professional.