Facebook has been regarded as one of the best places to work. Even their interns get paid more than the average worker. The only problem? It's a really tough job too.

Two or three times a year, Facebook engineers have to completely re-arrange their lives for two weeks while they serve something called "oncall duty."

During "oncall duty" they are responsible for keeping the service up and running. It can last for two weeks and rotates between Facebook's engineering teams.

Over on Quora, a Facebook engineer named Keith Adams says it is "the worst thing about working at Facebook."

In those two weeks, he can't leave town, and can't have "one too many" and has to keep his phone by his bed with the ringer on. "Debugging under time pressure through a 3am haze." He says it's "stressful."

Though while he says its tough, Adam says he likes that it exists because "I can't imagine any better way to preserve some of Facebook's most positive attributes."

We can't really tell if this is a complaint or praise, How do you feel about assuming responsibility at work when it may eat into personal time?

'With great powers, comes great responsibility', (Uncle Ben).