When hosting a cornhole tournament, there are a few things that people expect. You’ll need to prepare early and make sure that everything you need is available for the day.  Make sure to have snacks and refreshments ready because a good cornhole competition can work up an appetite. 

To make the day more enjoyable for everyone, have plenty of room to watch the competition for the guests just hanging out with friends and family.  Allow a designated area for onlookers, so that they don’t accidentally interfere with the match, but still have a good sightline. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Well-made Equipment

Quality equipment is a must have. Premium cornhole boards are meant to be played and can take a beating, but tournaments will put them through a lot of back to back use. Make sure that your cornhole boards have a weather-resistant coating on them and a smooth finish. Check your boards in between matches to make sure that they are smooth and ready to play for the next team. 

You’ll also want some quality cornhole bags made from sturdy material. Find bags that are durable so that they can withstand being tossed around all day. A lot of sets come with bags, but purchasing cornhole bags with cool designs and colors can really take your hosting skills to the next level. 

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Plenty Of Playspace

For your backyard tournament you’ll need to evaluate your playspace. How many people are going to be playing? Do you have enough space to set up two or three sets of cornhole boards to keep the tournament moving? 

If so, make sure that you leave enough room between the cornhole board so that teams can stand on either side of the board,  and so that there is a slight walking space between them. This will help to keep wild throws from entering the neighboring playspace

If you’re working with limited space make sure that you schedule your matches to keep things moving and have plenty of other activities lined up for the teams that are waiting to play. Get the teams organized and a match system in place up front so that you aren’t chasing teams down. While players are waiting for their turn on the boards try not to keep them waiting too long. 

Organized Set Up

Get organized and then let things flow. Set your matches, schedule your teams and make sure everyone is aware of the line up. You want to enjoy the tournament as well. A few handy things to consider would be: a portable scorecard, so that teams can focus on the toss and not trying to keep count. The players will be able to focus on the game, and the tournament will continue smoothly. 

Just In Case

Consider buying some extra well made cornhole bags in unique and colorful designs to make sure that your teams have plenty of options. A few extra bags will keep you from wearing out the same set and elevate your tournament. A little prep will take your backyard tournament to the next level. Staying organized and having quality equipment will keep things running smoothly while the game is underway. You, and your friends will have a great time, win or lose, when you set up your backyard tournament with these things in mind.