What I'd give to get my house cleaned automatically. An industrial design student in Columbia has conceptualized a way to do just that. With flying robots no less! It's super cool.

Designer Adrian Perez Zapata came up with "Mab," a bunch of min robots equipped with cleaning solutions to tidy up homes. Zapata is among 20 semifinalists for the 2013 Electrolux Design Lab competition. This year's theme is "inspired urban living."

The concept users the robot loaded with water and a chemical substance into the system's spherical core. The cleaning liquid is distributed to 908 mini robots which are each equipped with propellers. After they are dispatched, the will scan the home and clean surfaces with droplets of fluid. Dirt is captured and carried back to the core.

Electrolux Design's Thomas Johansson called Mab a "bold solution, which mimics the collection of honey bees."

Mab can be scheduled for cleaning too, a lot like how Roombas can. It can also sync with mobile devices to notify users about system issues.

"The thought behind Mab is to restore a sense of wonder in the everyday life, and to recapture the magic in simple processes, providing human shelters an autonomous purification," Zapata wrote on his project page.

I'll use this, hands down, without a thought. Just as long as they don't decide to gang up and kill me instead. Wonderful idea.