Oracle scheduled CEO Larry Ellison's keynote address at the same time as one of the races for the America's Cup.

Ellison's keynote was supposed to happen this afternoon, the second time he was slotted to announce new products to 60,000 participants who came to San Francisco for his company's annual conference, the Oracle Open World.

Ellison ditched his event, and decided to watch his sailing team continue their winning streak while another Oracle executive announced the products.

Because of that, hundreds of audience members streamed out of the auditorium to watch the race, too.

Ellison's sailing team had one of the most exciting comebacks in the 162-year history of the America's Cup race. In a best of 17 races series, the first team to win 9 races wins. However, Oracle was docked two "points," — or two wins  — when his team was caught cheating in the preliminary race series that lead up to these finals.

Tomorrow's race will determine the winner. It's scheduled for 1:15 pm Pacific time and will be live-streamed in the video below: