Beer is awesome. It's thirst-quenching, and it's one of the cheapest alcoholic beverages you can get off the shelves. But then one day you find yourself sporting a big-ass beer belly, and you've let it balloon so much that you're at your wit's end trying to think of a way to eliminate the growing bump.

YouTube show Head Squeeze explains the factors that contribute to your beer gut. For one, drinking a lot of beer plays a small part since a beer usually has 150 calories in it. However, it's also because your liver works overtime to burn off the alcohol and doesn't have the time to work off the rest of the food you're eating. Also, it comes down to age and gender. When you hit 35, your metabolism slows down, and men tend to carry that weight on the waist. It isn't actually caused by the beer itself, but the excess calories that makes the fat form around the gut.

Find out more in the video below: