Never believe anything you see on TV. After all, it's all a bunch of made up drama with faux facts to get you hooked. Reddit user julestheteacher recently posted a question to the Ask Reddit community:

"Hello, what 'lies' do you see on TV shows that annoy you the most?"

Here's what they answered:

1. Extracting people's identities from security camera footage is easy

That's not how photographs work." —andalucian_cat

"Ha ha- CSI then!! oh just go magnify in that persons eye... theres the licence plate!!!" —julestheteacher

Unless they're using some 800000 megapixel camera we suppose.

2. Computer hacking happens instantaneously in Pacific Rim

"Ramdomly punching keys on the keyboard as fast as you can, instantly hacks anything." —Red_Fist_Champion

"Pacific Rim was guilty of this when the over the top goofy British math scientist punched a bunch of keys randomly and spouted off some technobabble. It was so absurd it was jarring and destroyed my suspension of disbelief." —Nutz76

3. Men need women to run their lives —jimflaigle

We're familiar with the script. Think Rom Com. It's everywhere.

4. New York City is affordable

"Don't Mess With The B---- In Apartment 23" and a whole bunch of other shows. What about Big Bang Theory? How does Jenny afford that apartment all by herself on her waitressing job?

5. Both parties know when to hang up the phone without saying good-bye first —Minolta13

"Mad Men"

Nobody says "bye".

6. Medical personnel treat their own relatives

"Grey's Anatomy"

Hardly the case.

7. Gerard Butler is human

"P.S. I Love You."

"In the movie 'P.S. I Love You', Gerard Butler's character buttons his shirt up using one hand. Wait, that's impossible!