This can't be right. But according to a new UN survey in some parts of Asia, more than half of the men admit to forcing a woman to have sex. One in four men admitted to rape. What?

The survey questioned 10,000 men from six different Asian countries. Participants were able to register their answers on hand held computers after researchers left them alone in a room to get some honest answers.

The survey asked questions whether the men had ever had sex with a woman even though they knew she didn't want to because she was their wife or girlfriend and therefore obligated to. It also asked if men had ever had sex with a woman when she was too drunk or drugged to say no.

The results? A depressing number of them answered yes.

Most of them did so because of what researchers call "sexual entitlement;" that is, the felt it was their right as men to have sex with a woman regardless of whether she wanted it.

And here's the second most common reasons for committing rape: boredom or for fun. What the hell?

According to the researchers, the men sampled were "demographically representative" of their respective countries, and they also found a correlation between commission of rape and childhood sexual abuse, or of a war related post traumatic stress.

Something is seriously wrong here. What do you think?