Health-monitoring apps and devices are abundant in the market, but here's one that aims to stand out and make you move 30 minutes a day. launched last week, and it provides users a simple visual marker of how much daily activity they've done.

The app's creator, entrepreneur Renato Valdés Olmos says, "I used to weigh 320 pounds, and I got that down to about 176." He achieved this by making simple life changes like walking instead of taking the car or the bus, cycling, and taking the stairs. Sounds pretty cliche, but here's where it's different:

1. You don't have an option of setting your own goal - you just get a baseline that everybody should move 30 minutes a day. It's "the best form of preventive medicine, and the single best thing you can actually do for your health," he says.

2. Users need to activate it and keep their phone in their bag or pocket. When they start moving for more than a minute, the tracker kicks in and based on speed, it can tell if users are walking, running, or cycling. A circular counter slowly fills in as users work towards 30 minutes of daily activity.

"There's a very large market of people who don't want to make a commitment as big as slapping down $150 for a wearable device. At the other side of the spectrum, you have these other companies focusing on high-intensity activities." said Valdés Olmos.

The app is free (only at the iTunes Store for now, unfortunately) as grows.