Summertime is officially upon us. The chilly weather is gone for the next few months, and the sun is shining, meaning that it is hot out there. There is no better cure for the hot weather than jumping into the water and soaking up the sun from the comfort of the pool. Pool floats are all the rage today and are the best way to take advantage of the sunny weather while staying cool in the pool. In this article, we want to share with you the hottest pool floats for summer. Your pool days will be totally Insta-worthy with these awesome floats!  

FUNBOY x Aviator Nation Yacht

This limited edition FUNBOY x Aviator Nation Yacht pool float is one of the hottest pool floats to make its appearance in pools everywhere this summer. Not only will you be able to recline and relax in this 9-foot-long yacht-shaped pool float, but you’ll also be able to cool off with the reinforced cooler at the front of the float. There won’t be any need to get out of the pool to get your favorite ice-cold drink. This pool float also has a cup holder on each side, making it easy to access your drinks. 

Disco Dome

Get ready for the coolest pool party ever with the FUNBOY Disco Dome pool float! This super-sized pool float is over 100 inches long and 70 inches tall, big enough to easily fit four people. There are four cup holders within the dome to help get your party started. The Disco Dome also has a mesh sunshade at the top of the dome, so you can still get some sun while staying cool. The footbath at the bottom of the pool float is another bonus. Party your pool day away with the FUNBOY Disco Dome! 

Blue Sol Giant Cabana Dayclub

We aren’t kidding when we say this pool float is giant; the FUNBOY Blue Sol Giant Cabana Dayclub is about 10 feet long and 7 feet wide! There is so much to love about this party-sized pool float. Not only is there a water entry pad to make it easy to climb into, but it also has two mesh foot baths to help keep you feeling cool and relaxed. The central cooler and four cup holders make it possible to lounge freely with your favorite cold drinks an arms-length away. You could also skip filling the cooler with ice and put a speaker there instead to really amp up the pool party! The Blue Sol Giant Cabana Dayclub is a stunning pool float you’ll need to have this summer. 

Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger

 The FUNBOY Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger Pool Float is one of this summer’s hottest pool floats that you can use both in the water and on land. The ergonomic, trendy design of this chaise lounge is super comfortable, and you’ll want to lay out in the sun all day in this pool float. Of course, this pool float comes with a reinforced cup holder to keep your drinks nice and secure. You’re gonna be turning all the heads with this sunset-colored ombré pool float. 

Swan Pool Float 

The FUNBOY Swan Pool Floats are uniquely designed by FUNBOY, and you won’t find them anywhere else. They have an overall size of 60 inches and can be inflated in less than three minutes using either an air pump or a hair dryer on the cool air setting. The neck of the swan rises three feet out of the water. FUNBOY Swan Pool Floats come in both white and gold, so no matter your color scheme, there is a swan pool float that will match your style preference. This pool float is perfect for relaxing and feeling like a swan queen all summer long. 

Retro Pink Convertible

The FUNBOY Retro Pink Convertible pool float brings that perfect retro vibe to any pool day. This float is the size of a queen bed, so two people can comfortably fit on it and lounge the day away. This limited edition pool float has a huge cooler at the front for all your drinks and cold snacks. The cupholders on both sides of the pool float make it easy to access your beverage and relax. Pull up to the pool in style this summer with this massive pool float! 

Inflatable Rainbow Daybed Pool Raft & Float

The FUNBOY Inflatable Rainbow Daybed Pool Raft & Float is the oversized pool float everyone is dying to have in their pool. This enormous pool float has over 50 square feet of cloud lounging space. If you’re looking for a pool float to lay on with extra space to spare, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with this one. Despite its huge size, it only takes less than five minutes to inflate using an air pump.

FUNBOY has so many awesome pool floats that will make you the most popular person at the pool this summer. Make sure to check them out, and you are bound to find the pool float that is perfect for you.