We’ve heard endless reports and rumours about how video games can cause all sorts of health issues for gamers whether its repetitive strain injury or more serious and psychological effects that long term gaming sessions can have on the brain.

But on the flip side, there has also been plenty of evidence that regular gaming can actually have a positive impact on our everyday lives. It can help with the ability to make quicker decisions, help with motor skills and eye and hand coordination. But did you know experts are now claiming that gaming is also a great way to deal with stress.

We live in a very hectic age where stress is a very prominent factor in our lives. There’s plenty around us to keep us on our toes and keep those stress levels high, but now scientists are not only suggesting that gaming can help with stress relief, they’ve managed to compile plenty of evidence to support it. For gamers it’s great news, especially when you think about heading home after a hard day’s work to enjoy playing some ‘Call of Duty’ or spinning some late night slots at an online casino. Armed with the knowledge that firing up an epic 64-player shoot ‘em up map with your mates or playing the Game of Thrones themed slot at allslotcasino.com for example may be music to many ears!

Mental health is a much talked about topic at the moment and the suggestion that spending time playing games can actually help improve your mind is very encouraging. Studies have shown that stress levels and even depression in male and female gamers from a range of ages is reduced greatly thanks to their involvement playing games. Other studies have also revealed that gamers of the older generation can also benefit greatly from playing the odd video game in order to help keep their brains active and to even help stave off certain mental health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The idea that gaming can actually be therapeutic for a number of reasons is music to every avid gamers’ ears. Scientific studies and surveys have discovered that a gaming session after a stressful day at work can actually improve your mood and reduce tensions and relax you much like those who opt to head down the gym to work out their frustrations.Indeed, studies, such as this recent one by Drexel University, may even go a step further by helping people with various debilitating neurological conditions.

So why does modern gaming have such a beneficial use? It seems that playing video games offers your brain “a break” mostly from the monotony of a daily routine. It helps refocus the mind and thanks to the variety of games out there you’ll be able to experience lots of different types of varying complexities which all have something a little different to offer. And it’s this escapism that can give your brain that much needed daily pause that it deserves.