Fantasy cricket has gained popularity in recent days. Most of the Indian people are very crazy about cricket for many decades. Indian club cricket and the players ruled the hearts of Indian people. 

Cricketers like Sachin Dhoni Virat Kohli have a huge fan base in India. Fantasy cricket app allows chucking in cricket virtually. There are plenty of fantasy cricket apps that can be played online. The users are allowed to create a team virtually and score good points and earn money from their place. 

This article provides a guide which everything you need to know about fantasy cricket

Cricket team 

In a fantasy cricket game the crucial part is choosing team members. The team plays a very important role in helping you to win the match. The users are asked to choose 11 players from two squads. The fantasy cricket app allows the user to make any changes to the selected team before the start of the match.

Fantasy cricket score system

The user needs to know the scoring system in the fantasy cricket app before registering for the game. Even though the rules of the original cricket game are almost the same as the fantasy cricket game, there are few things which the use of will have to keep in mind. Every wicket every Run every catch every stumping earns the user points for his team. Therefore the user needs to be aware of the point system which will help him to fetch maximum points for his team.

Different Types of Fantasy Crickets

Before signing up for a fantasy cricket app the user must be aware of the types of fantasy cricket tournaments. For instance, one of the types of fantasy cricket game is head to head match. In this type of match, the winner will be able to receive the whole price if he wins the match. This type of match offers a great deal and there are more chances for the user to win the game. Therefore the user needs to know the various types of fantasy cricket which will help him choose the right match and score more points.

Predictions in fantasy cricket

We all know that luck plays a vital role in fantasy cricket games. The one who wins the match will receive a grand prize which makes the user happy and entertained. The user needs to make proper predictions. The right predictions can use win the match but if he makes the wrong prediction then he will have to lose his money. Choosing the right team will also help the user or predict the match scenario.

Legal aspect

One of the most asked questions public is that whether a fantasy cricket game is legally acceptable or not? The good news start fantasy cricket games are legal and can be played by anyone. According to renowned sports federations fantasy is considered to be 100% legal. The user need not worry about the legality of the game.

The user can select some of the top fantasy app if the user decides to play fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket has become more popular in recent times. This is entertaining as well as rewarding to the cricket fans.