Looking for a hotel to live in? does it sound appealing but you’re confused whether it’s going to be worth it? Wondering if it is going to be practically convenient? Living in hotels can turn out to be better than living in apartments. 

Many hotels have their special services which they provide to the guests living in for a long period. if a guest is visiting a particular city for any purposes, can be work or any personal reason, they can opt for living in four to five-star hotels such as Ibis New Delhi Aerocity and many others to get a relaxed experience without worrying about the hassles of renting facilities required for temporary living.

So, how can living in a hotel benefit you?

1. Living in a hotel can turn out to be a pleasant stay. The beds are comfortable, the room is clean and up to mark. Hotels are usually located in places with a nice view from the room and you can sit back and relax whenever you feel like it. Room services can be provided at any time you want and therefore every facility is just a call away. There is no need to worry about food, special instructions regarding your meals (if necessary) can be given to the staff and they will make sure that the service is provided to you. Essential facilities are always provided by the hotels and the staff is responsible for taking care of all your needs, therefore you can focus well on your work. You can leave with a messy room and always come back to a clean one which is extremely convenient.
2. Everyone usually has their schedule which they follow for eating, working, as well as sleeping. No matter when you’re working, the food is available 24/7 in the hotels for their guests and therefore you do not need to worry about the timings. You can get the food delivered to you in your room through room service as well. Hotels also layout buffets and all the food is beautifully laid out for the guests. The dessert section is a must to look out for! Doesn’t matter if your alone or with family, the food laid out at the buffet is of fine quality and has a variety of range, from salads, vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections to desserts that the kids as well as elders’ love! Everything is readily available. The satisfaction of guests is of high priority by the hotels.
3. If you are looking for a getaway, personally or with family, then a hotel can be a relaxing and energizing experience. Hotels have luxury spa facilities available for guests. You can visit there if you’re looking for some de-stress therapy or even if you want to feel good and relaxed. The masseurs and the aromatherapists can be useful for that stress-relief session you have been wanting.
 Another benefit of living in a hotel is its location. Usually, the hotels are located at places that are connected and easier to reach making it convenient for the guests to travel and visit the places they want to. A lot of other facilities are provided to the guests to make sure they have a satisfactory stay.

Common facilities provided by the hotels are –

- Wi-Fi service is now included in the package, making the internet accessible to the guests at their convenience.

- 24-hour security is provided to the guests, even when they are not in the room. The luggage security is the staff’s responsibility. A safe deposit box Is also provided to the guest.

- Reception is available 24/7 for any requirements or emergencies or any other query by the guest.

- Parking space is provided to the guests so they do not need to worry about it.

- ATM or cash machines are available in the hotels for instant withdrawals whenever necessary.

- Pets are allowed on requests.

For dining:

- A bar/ lounge area is available for guests
- Open-air restaurant is available for guests to enjoy a dinner on the rooftop and plan romantic or memorable evenings with their loved ones.
- Mini fridge and electric kettle are provided in the rooms.
- Buffet at the restaurant is laid for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. The hotels also consist of cafes. The guests can opt for any option they feel like for dining.

For leisure, swimming pools can be accessed. A kids’ pool is also included. The guests can avail the facility of the gym or fitness center if needed.

Services such as daily newspapers, medical facilities, meeting and banquet facilities, car hire, housekeeping, room service, laundry, dry cleaning are available at the hotel so that the guest’s activities can function at ease. While looking for a hotel, you must keep in mind a few aspects that are necessary for the decision-making process. The most important aspect is the location. Make sure your hotel is located in the right spot, according to your travel needs. If the stay is long-term, then the travel should be hassle-free. The basic services mentioned above are a must in the hotel and need to be checked before choosing a hotel. Pick a hotel within your budget as expenses have to be kept in mind and you can always try to negotiate with the hotel about the pricing for long-term stays.

Finally, after knowing all the aspects, you can make a proper decision about which hotel to choose. Taking into account all the services provided by the hotels and whether it meets your requirements is necessary. A hotel like Ibis New Delhi Aerocity may provide all the benefits for a pleasant stay, which is exactly what you are looking for. The perks of living in a hotel are better than that of an apartment with no benefits or luxuries. The guests are treated with the utmost care and the staff is trained for serving the guests to their fullest potentials, therefore you don’t have to worry about the stay and just go for it!