We’re all aware of how powerful social is and the array of benefits platforms such as Twitter and Instagram can bring. In today’s world the majority of people will have at least one social media account, whether it’s to interact with family and friends or to use as a way of promoting their business. 

Over recent years social media has been favoured by a host of worldwide celebrities to keep their followers up to date and give them a glimpse into their daily lives. Platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are the most popular forms of social media used amongst celebrities. One of the main reasons for this is because within seconds, you can upload a post onto your timeline for the millions of people following your account to see.

In most cases the option to send a tweet or post a picture as quickly as social media allows us too is what makes the platforms so popular. However, it has often resulted in many celebrities feeling rather red faced, after making an error in one of their posts which has led to their millions of followers seeing and leaving them in a rather embarrassing situation.

The chances are you’ve been witness to many celebrity social media blunders over the years and to remind you of a few of them, the social media team at Click Consult have listed some of the most bizarre and awkward moments to date. Below is a selection that we wanted to share with you.

Rita Ora “claims” her account was hacked to justify a rather awkward situation

There’s no denying that Rita Ora is one of the world’s most famous celebrities, but back in 2014 she was left in a rather difficult Twitter situation.

The singer tweeted to say if her tweet secured 1000,000 retweets, she would release new music the following Monday. This isn’t the first time music artists have tried this trick and it proves successful, but on this occasion Rita Ora’s tweet only had around 1,300 retweets.

Not long after her original tweet, the singer tweeted again to say her account had been hacked and people were threatening to release her music and it would be down to Rita herself to decide when it would be released.

Scott Disick completes a total Instagram disaster

Many celebrities use their social media accounts to promote brands and their products. This is no different for Hollywood A-lister Scott Disick who took to Instagram to promote a protein shake brand; but made a cringeworthy mistake whilst doing so.

It was soon brought to light that the star was clearly told what to say in the caption which accompanies the post. Instead of copying what the brand had asked him to, he also copied the instructions as well, which left him in a rather embarrassing situation. 

You can see from the two examples we’ve selected what happens when celebrities get social media wrong. It goes to show that having a large social following isn’t always as good as it seems, considering errors like these can soon be seen by thousands of people.