Canada is fast becoming a top desirable location for immigration. Many families and people are now packing up their lives and making the big leap over to Canada. However, moving to a country that you have never been to before can be daunting, especially if you live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from Canada. It can be a very stressful time for both yourself and for your family. Luckily there are top tips and tricks out there to help you navigate the confusing world of immigrating to a foreign country. These tips can help you navigate if you are eligible for the daunting move, help you figure out how you can apply for entry and provide information on obtaining the right kind of visa for your immigration purposes. It can help to put your mind at ease and make the whole process seem much easier. 

What do I need to know or do before I move to Canada? 

There are several little hints and tricks that you should learn before you immigrating to Canada. These hints and tricks can help the process seem much easier and might entitle you to certain privileges that you did not know could benefit you. 

- You can fast track the immigration policy if you are a skilled worker. Some people do not know this but Express Entry is the Canadian immigration policy programme for skilled workers. This Express Entry programme is designed to try and fast track skilled workers in six months or less. If you qualify as a skilled worker then you must simply complete your profile and pay the fees. (This is your first step in immigrating to Canada). 
- Another thing that is little well known regarding immigration to Canada is that you do not need a job to immigrate there. While it does of course make the process and assimilation to Canada easier to have a job lined up, it is not an actual requirement. This is because the immigration process in Canada is based on points, having a job prospect would give you more points but it does not make your immigration there impossible.
- Make a Canadian style resume or CV (curriculum vitae). If you are planning to work in Canada, it is very important to make sure your resume is up to date and to re-format it so that it complies with the Canadian standard. This will give you the best chance possible to find a job. Canadian CV’s are formatted in chronological order, with the newest experience first. You can always find more information on official Canadian information websites and Government information. 
- Depending on what region of Canada you are moving too, there will be two official languages: both English and French. Both of the languages have official status over in Canada so it best to be aware of that before you make the move. However, this will be most prominent in Quebec.
- Canada has a very cold climate. Apart from the West Coast in British Columbia, huge parts of the country can dip as low as minus thirty or forty Celsius. With the winds and general chills this can be a very uncomfortable experience for those who are not used to it or for those who do not prepare for it. 
- Canada has one of the finest educations in the world. In the OECD’s 2017 ranking of adult education levels Canada came first. If you have children or wish to enter into higher education yourself then you can rest assured that when it comes to education, Canada is one of the best places for education.
- Another interesting thing to note is that one fifth of Canadian’s population is foreign born. As already mentioned in this article, Canada is a very desirable location to immigrate to. 21.9% of those who live and work in Canada were in all actuality, born and sometimes raised in other places and countries. Canada is a very open and multicultural country that welcomes immigrants, which is why so many people choose to go there. Toronto has been actually called the most multi-cultural city in the entire world with over two hundred unique different ethnicities and cultural groups living within the centre. 
- The Canadian government actually has a lot of resources for immigrants, another reason why Canada is so desirable. The Canadian website is a very useful resource for foreign nationals. You can find extensive information about the aforementioned Express Entry or other immigration possibilities and programmes. There are also helpful links to organisations and businesses that aim to help immigrants to come across as well as to settle within the country. They will also provide you with the best possible information and advice about everything you need to know before you immigrate.