Success in blogging boils down to knowing where to focus, getting the most value, and making the most impact online. While most know the secret to success is to ensure their online security, many internet marketers and bloggers are asking the question of how to succeed and make money online, so we have essay help team which decided to go out and examine the many case studies that have been published on this matter.

We landed on Matthew Woodward’s blog where we picked the top 10 tips that will give you the successful bog you want.

  • Setting up; step by step analysis to create a blog and earn from it.

  • Spend time thinking through the kind of blog you want

  • What is the purpose?

  • What is it that you are offering your potential audience?

  • What is your ultimate goal; where do you want it to go?

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  • Content Strategy

Content should be special for it to stand out. The following will help you determine what great content should be like:

  • You should establish your blog as an authority on a subject/ area.

  • Offer something unique, be different and original.

  • Content should be useful to your audience to be successful.

  • Your content should give answers to common questions in your subject / area of establishment.

  • If you can, publish original research, surveys or studies.

  • Have videos; talk to your audience.

  • ‘How to’ guides make for great content and will get you a following fast.

  • Have a list of helpful resources on your blog.

To be successful, all you need to do is find out what your audience wants and deliver. Surf through online and other forums to figure out what problems people have and then pick common ones for which you can give solutions or advice.

  • Set your blogs tone of voice

A blog must have its voice; create a style of writing that is peculiar to and will be associated with your blog. For success in the blogging world, straight shooting is best falsehoods, fluff, numerous sales pitches on the site will not get you anywhere.

Here is a good tone that can guide you as you build your blog:

  • Be straight forward and to the point.

  • Do not put unnecessary content on your blog.

  • Personalise your tone; let it sound like you are talking to a friend.

  • Make your paragraphs short; 3 sentences tops.

  • Be clear and concise.

  • Keep your content and message simple.

With these kinds of parameters, your blog is going to be fun for you and hopefully for the readers.

  • Blog promotion and traffic generation strategy

The easiest way to generate traffic to your blog is to actively seek people who need your help; visit online forums and social media sites and find out what people need. Link relevant tutorials on your blog to popular internet marketing forums, people who need help will click your links and get to your blog. Use Google Alerts for notifications of relevant keywords online to get you in touch with people who need your content- you will increase traffic by simple interaction with people without necessarily spending money on PPC, link building, SEO or any other for purchase blog promotional tools.

These above four points cover the initial planning stage which in actual sense takes a lot of time; it is a very short read but it takes months of planning and implementation as you need time to think through every step. Proper planning is essential for success- many people do not plan and that is why so many fail.

  • Set up your blog to extract maximum value

You are now at the point where you know what your blog’s purpose is, you have created a brand, you are now aware of who your audience and potential conversions are and are all set up to generate unique content. Not managing the overall blog user experience is a typical and one of the most devastating mistakes many internet marketers make. So, how do you setup an effective blog that will not just deliver the most value but enable you and your audience to extract maximum value from one another?

Here are pointers to help answer the question of what your blog’s value actually is and value you can derive from each visitor, and then set up your blog accordingly to extract the most value:

  • A full time subscription of visitors.

  • Shares on social channels like Google+, Twitter etc.

  • User generated content like online comments, online forum post, and posted ideas.

  • New traffic by linking and sharing your content.

  • New traffic from referrals.

  • Affiliate link clicks.

  • Affiliate sales.

  • Make regular improvements to your blog

Make regular improvements to your blog; in this case study, the blogger:

  • Improved the about me page to be more about adding testimonials and opt in forms.

  • Added and income reports page to summarize all income through the blog 

  • Dedicated an advertise page, carrying all the information advertisers needed.

  • Added top social share widget to the side bar so that visitors could easily view popular posts based on social shares.

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  • Keyword optimization

Optimizing your blog using relevant keywords is still important. Use Google Analytics Keyword audit to help you drive upward traffic to your site- it will point you to the weaknesses on your blog and recommend changes.

  • Regular blog and social profile designs

You will notice that social sites have regular brand and design upgrades- it is not done for sheer fun. It is a way of keeping your audience interested and excited about your site. As they are often given a face lift, so should you- give your YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter profiles new looks.

  • Regular site audit and upgrade

As you design, redesign and update the blog through its life, it will get messy and you need to put things back together. Doing a complete site audit is important to help you fix things gone wrong and improve things further where needed. This is where you want to optimize internal linking and rectify the areas that are not working as should. Remember, if your site is not working optimally, your stream of visitors will slowly begin to dwindle.

I suspect there’s a lot of internal linking opportunity I’m missing out on and a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work as it should anymore.

  • Free give-away work wonders

Depending on what your blog is about, free giveaways or product launches can do wonders in terms of attracting traffic and giving you conversions. This tactic will push your content and blog as well as create a buzz around your brand.

There you have it, the top 10 tips on how to create and a successful blog and make money online at home money makers. There are many tactics that you can employ however, we decided to settle for the least known or publicized and or used by internet markers or trainers.

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