Living in student housing as a college student offers you the opportunity to improve your life. Here's how: unlike typical rentals, living in a student housing affords you room to mingle with other students, while having access to several valuable support networks. Furthermore, student housing helps you become independent by allowing you to save money.

It's usually beneficial for a student to live in student housing, but the problem lies in the housing choices available in Woolloongabba. The choice of a place to live in college is vital since it can positively affect your quality of life and academics over time.

Before deciding on a student accommodation Woolloongabba, you've got to consider some factors including: 


The first factor to consider before deciding on a student accommodation is the location. You'll need to ensure the college you're attending is close to the student housing. At times like this, you don't have to consider the price since inexpensive student accommodation requiring you to travel for an hour or more before getting to your school will make you incur expenses and stress.

Nevertheless, you must, by all means, ensure to choose a student accommodation that's close to your university. Besides being more convenient, a student accommodation near the school can motivate you to study harder since you have a more accessible location. If you have a free period between classes, you'll find a student housing situated near the university very beneficial.


You'll need to ensure that the student accommodation you opt for will have maximum security. Since you'll be leaving valuables like cash and a laptop in your room while attending classes, make sure to go for a well-protected student housing so you can concentrate while in class.

In my own experience, before signing the lease contract and paying, ensure to check the student housing security of the one you desire. You've got to check the locks in your room, CCTVs around the building, and if security guards patrol the grounds.


You've got to consider your convenience while deciding on student accommodation. Since you'll be staying there for months, you have to make sure you can effortlessly get medicines and groceries during emergencies. 

You see, make sure to look out for nearby establishments in that location before paying for any student housing. If you're considering staying with your partner, then you'll have to opt for the couple student accommodation option. However, the one you choose should be close to hospitals, pharmacies, and supermarkets. If possible, check if they're always open every time since most university student's classes end late in the day.

Cost of Utilities

Another major factor to consider is utility costs. You've got to ensure the check if the rent contains the cost of utilities or not. Some utilities can be included in the rent while some will have to be paid for by the student. Some of these utilities include electricity usage, water bill, sewage cost, water, and gas cost. On-campus accommodations usually have these bills included in the rent while off-campus housings require the student to pay for it separately.

Ensure to pay adequate attention to this factor since most real estate agents offering student accommodation are after their money without much attention to their welfare.

Home Comforts

Living in student accommodation is often a different and new experience for people used to staying under one roof for a long time. To effortlessly adapt, consider looking for a student housing offering similar comfort level like you're used to at home. For instance, if you're accustomed to having company at home, you can opt for a larger-sized student accommodation where you can share with other students. On the other hand, choose a student accommodation without roommates if you're used to staying alone in your room.

Living the comfort and security of your home to find student accommodation in the university is often tasking. However, using the factors mentioned here will help you make the right choice if you're trying to rent student accommodation. Regardless of the student housing option that you choose, ensure it's safe and comfortable. Remember not to pay for any student housing before thoroughly checking it out.