In today’s fast-paced marketplace, air freight shipping capabilities are an essential part of the supply chain for most companies looking to stay competitive. Air freight is crucial when it comes to moving shipments across the country, and in some cases, around the world. 

They allow you to move products and/or goods in a quick and safe manner - ensuring they end up at your desired destination in proper condition. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company looking to ship temperature-sensitive immunizations or you’re a manufacturer looking to send products to retailers, air freight comes in handy for almost all types of businesses. Let’s take a look at the most common signs of an air shipping company you can trust. But first, what are your options when it comes to air shipping? 

What Are Your Options When It Comes to Air Shipping?

Most people think of cargo planes when they’re looking for air shipping services. Although they’re one of the most popular types of aircraft used for freight shipping, there are other options available to you. For instance, you can use passenger planes or private charter planes. If you have a tight shipping deadline, for instance, private charter planes might make sense. You’ll have the ability to meet any sort of custom delivery requirements - shipping your products and/or goods directly to their destination without worrying about any other stops slowing the process down. 

In most instances, cargo planes make the most sense. They’re specifically used to move freight, which means you’ll find them available in a range of sizes. Typically, they’re modified to maximize the space on the plane - helping to make them suitable for almost any size of freight. Plus, they have fewer TSA restrictions as they don’t carry any passengers. This means they’re great for heavy or HAZMAT freight. 

How Do You Know You’ve Found a Trustworthy Air Shipping Company? 

You want to make sure the air shipping company you choose for all of your freight shipping needs is trustworthy. This is the foundation of any great partnership. So how do you know you’ve found a trustworthy air shipping company? Here are a few signs: 

Their turnaround claim actually matches their capacity

You want your air freight company of choice to accommodate your business now and well into the future. This means you’ll need to consider the potential growth of your company in the next few years. When you’re researching air freight companies, make sure you’re considering whether or not the turnaround companies quoted line up with their capacity to move the cargo. Whenever possible, ask for references from previous clients. This will give you peace of mind knowing their turnaround claim actually matches their capacity. 

Their security measures are comprehensive and reassuring 

No matter what products and/or goods you’re shipping, you need to make sure they’re protected while they’re shipping via air freight. You simply can’t afford to work with an air shipping company that has sloppy security measures. Make sure they’re doing what they need to in terms of ensuring proper security. This means they should assess insurance value and pass customs requirements at all times. Don’t be afraid to ask what security measures they currently have in place. 

Their customer service team is responsive to your requirements 

Although having reassurance in terms of turnaround time and security is excellent, it’s even more important that they’re customer service team is responsive to you and your requirements. Air freight typically moves fast, which means you’ll need reliable communication throughout the process. Make sure you discuss ahead of time what type of response time you can expect from their team of customer service agents. Will they get back to you when you need them to? Or will you wait hours, or worse, days, for communication? 

Their licensing is completely up-to-date 

When it comes to air shipping, you want to make sure you’re working with an air shipping company that is bonded and licensed. More importantly, you want to make sure their licensing is completely up-to-date. When an air shipping company is bonded, you can rest assured knowing any claims in regards to customer service are valid and truthful. It’s best to choose a bonded and licensed company as this gives you greater peace of mind knowing you can trust them with your products and/or goods. 

Lastly, keep in mind that the type of products and/or goods you’re looking to ship should be taken into consideration when it comes to your choice of air shipping company. For example, if you’re shipping something fragile or hazardous, you’ll want to work with an air shipping company that’s experienced in this type of shipment. Do some research and find out if they’ve shipped products and/or goods that are similar to yours.