Accommodations and electricity bills are a big part of our lives. We do the maths, calculate the expenses and pay our taxes monthly. One of the most influential costs in our regular lives goes to energy usage. 

We have encountered many companies that claim to help us save money on energy bills. These are companies that provide energy, energy brokers and other. Companies like Electricity Monster offer efficient services and consultation to help you save money on your energy usage. They help you with finding the best deals for your electricity and gas bills. 

A lot of online sources and consultants offer us to use a prepay electricity type. It's surely useful for some, and some might find it difficult to use. Let's discuss the pros and cons of pay-as-you-go electricity. 
Prepay electricity explained

Let's start by explaining what prepay electricity means. We call a prepay electricity pay-as-you-go electricity. It means that you only pay for the energy that you used. The energy provider company installs an electricity meter or a gas meter. The meter calculates your power usage and displays it with numbers and other symbols. It helps to calculate your usage and final bill. 

Imagine a prepaid tariff on your phone. That's how prepaid electricity works. Energy suppliers provide you with the credit (that you buy beforehand) and when you use up the credit, you will have to add some to continue using the energy.

It seems fair and efficient for energy consumers. It can sometimes be risky to use up extra gas or electricity with the risk of spending more. But people use the prepay method a lot. 

And here's why: 

Consumer can control his or her electricity usage and costs. They will know what they spent exactly, and they will be waiting for a fair bill. 

Consumer can get help with better energy management. By having a meter that shows them their consumption rate, they can cut the extra energy use habits and save money on bills. 

No unexpected bills for prepaid electricity users. Some people are extra worried when they are expecting their bills. Getting the bills is always a surprise, often a bad one. 

Different companies mean different tariffs. Every consumer has her or his mind and can choose different service providers. That's the charm of prepaid electricity. There are many service providers, and you can choose them depending on the tariffs they offer. Here are some of the best ways to find the best electricity rates.

Let's talk about the disadvantages too:

Consumer has to be careful not to spend the whole credit. While it can help you with energy management, it can be troubling to keep thinking about the energy credit. 

It's a payment method for a specific lifestyle. It's a good choice for people who want to save money on energy bills, but can be troubling for others who are just looking for other options. 

When it comes to choosing your energy bill paying method, it depends on your preferences, habits and financial state. Make sure to run the full electricity service provider comparison to choose the best solution for your lifestyle.