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Are you considering a career change? If so, you’re hardly alone. In the last few years, a lot of people have found themselves wondering if they could find a more satisfying and higher paying position, but that often requires developing new skills. As you consider your next steps, then, keep your eye on these challenging professional exams. All in growing industries, they’ll take effort to pass, but will open up exciting new doors.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 20, 2021 12:20
Confidence is essential in our daily life; it has an incredibly positive impact on our mental health, career, relationships, and self-image – to name just a few. When we’re confident, we take more risks, we engage more fruitfully with others and have a better grasp of our self-worth.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 19, 2021 22:22
Though it may still be winter in Toronto, summer will come roaring in soon with hot temperatures and the need for air conditioning. If a homeowner's air conditioning system is old and not working efficiently, it may be time to replace it. If the home does not have central air conditioning, this may be the year to install a good system. But not all air conditioners are created equal, and there are different systems to select from. Choose a reputable air conditioning service to help.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 19, 2021 17:31
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