Marketing Intelligence is a tool that can assist you in revealing relevant information about how your competitors, customers, and other connections your business may have interact. The information that you can gather via marketing intelligence is truly priceless and can bring your business’ strategies to the next level.

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This is why getting more efficient and streamlined with your marketing intelligence is so vital. From web scraping tools, to discovering brand new target audiences, we will have a look at how you can get more efficient with your company’s marketing intelligence. So, read on to find out more! 
For example, Scraper API offers tools like a rotating proxy to collect online data fast and without being blocked. You can also use Free API key as another option to scrape search engine results.

1. It’s Time To Go Digital
If you haven’t already, it is time that you tap into the digital world when it comes to getting more efficient with your marketing intelligence. Thankfully, in today’s modern world, there are a number of marketing intelligence softwares available for you to choose from.
These softwares will help you identify how your customers ended up on your website - what key phrases were they looking for on their Google search, the name of the landing page they arrived on, exactly what they have clicked on, if they added anything to their shopping cart and so much more! Advanced marketing intelligence softwares will be able to collect data from both authenticated and anonymous sessions, so it may be helpful to invest in advanced software if you truly want to tap into exactly what your customers are doing. 
2.    Combine Digital Research With Telemarketing Research
If you’ve turned to the digital world when it comes to marketing intelligence, don’t make the mistake of completely alienating your telemarketing research. Not all information that is gathered online is accurate, and research has shown that almost 50% of social media profiles contain information that is outdated.
This is where telemarketing research comes in handy. Your telemarketing team can collect data from potential customers or current customers, live and on the phone, ensuring that all the data you are collecting is up to date and as accurate as possible. You will be able to tap into information that is not available online. Plus, when you combine this information with information that your marketing intelligence software has collated, you’ll have one of the best marketing intelligence arsenals in town. 
3.    Analyse, Analyse, Analyse!
Gathering data online and via telemarketing is fantastic, but the real work and payoff comes in analysing the data you have collected. After all, a bunch of data sitting in a corner is not going to elevate your business by any means. This is why an analysis of your audits are so incredibly important. Analysing the date you have collected will give you some invaluable insight that will allow you to make strategic and specific decisions to implement in your company, elevating your business to the next level. 
4.    Finally, Utilise Your Analysed Data
Once you have done a full and thorough audit of all the data you have collected via your marketing intelligence, the time has come to truly implement it for the greater good of your business. Your marketing team can utilise the information collected to augment their marketing strategies - perhaps shifting their focus from a certain target group of customers to another, depending on what your analysis has shown.
Your marketing team can also look into what your competitors have been doing, and see what they are up against. All the information you have collected will ensure that you can come up with the best marketing strategy possible, setting your business apart from the rest.
We hope that this article has given you some insight into how you can get more efficient with your marketing intelligence!