If you’re in your 20s and in a relationship, here's a cheat sheet to help you make to make your relationship work and hopefully last a lifetime:

Make Time for a “Date Night”

Even if it’s just once a month, planning a date night is a way to show one another how much you care.  Take turns picking the restaurant, or even prepare a romantic dinner at home. And make it a point to put away your cellphone so that you’re as mindful as possible when spending time together.

Take Turns Paying for Dinner

If you're both young and just starting out, then it's really unfair to expect him to pay for EVERYTHING. Try to take turns paying for whatever it is that you do. Whether one pays for the dinner and the other the movie, it doesn’t matter.

Set Honest Expectations

Consider this the most important rule when it comes to any kind of dating. If you'relooking for something long term, make sure that your partner knows. The same thing applies if you’re only looking for an occasional booty call. Being honest with what you expect will show that you’re confident and will earn you a lot of respect from your partner.

Don't Ignore Your Other Relationships

We get that you want to hang out with your partner 24/7, but it's very important to not exclude yourself from your own individual social circles. Plus, giving each other space can help prevent the relationship from feeling stale.

No Nagging

There is no such thing as the "perfect partner". But even when they do things that piss you off, it's better to calmly discuss your opinion and why you feel the way you do instead of nagging. Not only is this immature, you will lose your partner’s respect for doing it.

Keep Your Relationship Semi-Private

We all know that one couple who simply can't resist documenting every single second of their lives together and sharing it with the world. Don't be that couple. While people may be happy about your relationship, they don’t want to hear about it 24/7.

Be Yourself & Let Your Partner Do The Same

One of the key aspects of every relationship is letting yourself and your special someone be themselves. You were attracted to this person for a reason, and there’s no need to try and change them. The same applies to yourself. Should the other person suddenly decide that's not good enough, then you're probably better off without them anyways.

Be Adventurous & Enjoy Your Time Together

Make time to do both of your favorite activities and hobbies, or be adventurous by trying something new that you’ve both never done before.

Communication is Vital

Communication is key to establishing a long-lasting relationship. Talk about your day, your concerns, your thoughts, and your dreams with one another. And be sure to listen attentively when it's their turn.

Trust, But Without Being Naive

Trust is the backbone of all relationships, but don’t be naive either. When situations arise, trust only reliable sources such as those who aren’t trying to sabotage your relationship And even if things still don’t work out, remember there are always plenty of other fish in the sea.