Erectile dysfunction can really put a damper to your sex life. According to the latest research, there are a variety of physical risk factors that can also contribute to this problem.

Listed below are five modifiable factors that can help to improve a guy's erections that don't involve viagra:

Losing Weight

Being overweight doesn't just make you feel self-conscious about your body. Studies have shown that men who are obese also have much lower testosterone levels which can affect sexual function.


There's nothing quite like a great sweat session to boost your testosterone levels. Physical activity is also a great way to lose weight and decrease obesity.

Eating Right
Diet is crucial when it comes to sexual function. High sugar levels in men with diabetes can affect the function of the nerves in the penis. Losing weight should be a way to get those nerves flowing again.

Getting Enough Sleep
Irregular sleep patterns that interrupt the sleep cycle could also affect the normal cycles of erections that happen during the night.

Reducing Alcohol Intake
While a little alcohol (one to two drinks a day) can be beneficial for guys with ED, too much of a good thing will bad news for your penis. Animal studies have shown that high volumes of alcohol can actually cause the penis to contract which is bad for sexual arousal.