Nothing is worse than the first Valentine's Day after a breakup. Seeing all those happy, smiling couples going out to dinner together, holding hands at the park and snuggling up in line at the movies is enough to make a newly single person physically ill. At the very least, feelings of anger, resentment and loneliness are bound to rear their ugly heads. Take heart, though! It doesn't have to be this way. You can take that romantic holiday and turn it into a celebration of love of a different kind — a kind that will cheer you up and make you feel fantastic. Here are three tough-love ways to survive Valentine's Day after a breakup and come out feeling on top of the world.

1. Send Flowers... to Everyone!
You may be used to getting flowers on Valentine's Day when you're dating someone. Just because you're single again doesn't mean that has to stop. Don't sit around feeling down because no one sent you flowers. It might sound sad, but send some to yourself. Seriously. It will lift your spirits when the flowers are delivered, and no one has to know about it. Add an uplifting and positive note that will remind you to be grateful and happy.

While you're at it, spread the love and the Valentine's Day cheer by sending flowers to your friends and family. They'll appreciate the gesture of being remembered on Valentine's Day whether they have a significant other or not. They'll also love you all the more for being so thoughtful and considerate.

2. Pamper Yourself With Some of Your Favorite Things
Use the day itself as a special one where you treat yourself to some indulgence. Make the day all about you. Take the day off work if you can, as this will make it more special. Surround yourself with the things you love, like your favorite books and movies, gourmet chocolates and ice cream and anything else you really enjoy that's an indulgence for you. Go out during the day to buy yourself something nice. Self-love is better than any other.

If you have time, schedule a massage and a mani-pedi at your local salon. Get your hair done while you're there, too. It will be a day of pampering you well deserve. It should be enough to almost make you forget about what's-his-name.

3. Have a Night Out With Your Single Friends
Cap off the perfect day with a night out with your single friends. You don't have to have a date to make Valentine's Day awesome. In fact, having a night out with single friends is the Valentine's Day equivalent of date night. If you go as a group to a fancy restaurant, order some gourmet desserts and champagne, and celebrate being single. Listen to music, dance, and just bask in each others' company. You'll go home feeling amazing.

Spending time with your friends on a perfect night out will make you realize you have plenty of love in your life. The right person for you will come along eventually. But knowing you have friends who are always there for you will help you be patient in waiting for him to show up, whenever that may be.