Cameron Diaz went on Chelsea Lately and started talking about vaginas!

"There's a diagram of your labia [in The Body Book]," she told Chelsea Handler last night. "For me, the vagina is such an integral part of the body. We think the vagina is on the outside. I say grab a mirror and play along. Get in there. Learn about it."

Don't you just love her advice? Dedicate some me-time to your private parts for the best way to discover new pleasure zones and become more confident in your sexuality.

Cameron went on to offer this suggestion too: "You're supposed to treat it like a beautiful flower—that it is, the delicate flower that it is. And you're supposed to nurture it in all the ways that it needs nurturing." When Chelsea joked about hydrating it, Cameron agreed: "Yes, watering it. Fertilizing it. It needs nourishment. It's hungry."

Watch the interview here.