Lying is a fact of life, even when it involves people you're supposed to trust... like your wife. According to a study from Texas A&M University, people admitted to misleading their partner a third of the time. The number dropped to 1 in 10 once they got married, but that still means the person you exchanged vows could be deceiving you on a near-daily basis.

So why lie? Susan Shapiro Barash, author of Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Why Women Lie, explains that it all has to do with how the female brain is wired:
“Women weigh the pros and cons of honesty versus lying... Often they find that white lies serve them more than the truth.”
So how can you tell when you're wife is lying? Here's are the seven common catchphrases that wives have been known to say when they think you're not paying attention:
  1. “This dress was on sale.”
  2. “You have the biggest penis I’ve ever seen.”
  3. “I’ve only slept with two men.”
  4.  “I don’t want anything for our anniversary.”
  5. “I’m in no hurry to have kids.”
  6.  “I’m totally cool with your poker nights.”
  7. “I wouldn’t change anything about you.”

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