Bryony Cole, CEO of Future of Sex and sex tech expert, says that most women nowadays are into clitoral stimulation orgasm. It is undeniable that this sex toy is so different from your regular vibrators. The Tracy’s Dog OG clitoral sucking vibrator went viral because of its extreme and good reviews on Amazon. Let's find out how the clitoral sucking vibrator works for you. 

What Is Clitoris?

It is important to know your body so that you would be able to understand and discover your pleasure points properly. In this case, as women's orgasms most commonly come from the clitoris. A brief information about it should suit you well in your sexual exploration.

What is the clitoris? Why does it feel so good when touched? It is located above the opening of the vaginal and the opening of the urethra. Men thought that women's sexual pleasure is through penetration, but it is not a hundred percent true. Penetration does not always give pleasure to women, but clitorial sucking does. 

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous areas since it has high nerve endings. A sexual physiological response may be put into motion by activating an erogenous zone. The clitoris forms part of the vulva, the term for the female genitalia's external parts. 

The tube linking the vulva to the cervix is the vagina. It is possible to apply clitoral stimulation directly, internally (through the vagina), and/or by stimulation of the other parts of the vulva. Today, it becomes so easy to do with the use of a clitoral sucking vibrator. 

How Does OG Clitoral Sucking Vibrator Works

During your solo session or with a partner, OG Clitoris Sucking Vibrator offers you a very sexually satisfying experience. It works for clitoris sucking, and you can choose from ten intense suction modes. Yeah, you read it correctly. For the most satisfying clitoral orgasms, ten separate suction modes may be selected. This item also promises to hit the key target, which is your G-spot. 

It is undeniable that, for whatever reason, there are women who do not achieve their full climax. Tracy's Dog then, hear your wishes! Sex toys can also be toxic to your skin, but not this sort of vibrator. It is made of silicone of excellent consistency, and it is body-safe, durable, odorless, and soft-silky. 

It is easy to vacuum, as well. Just water and soap and you're all right to go. We understand that with your unending amazing orgasms, you want to play more positions and do it everywhere. Don't worry; this toy is bendable and versatile.

Amazon's Review on OG Clitoral Sucking Vibrator that Went Viral 

To help you decide if OG clitoral sucking vibrator works perfectly for you, here is a review from a mom that made this product sell out since April of last year. She started her review by saying, "Having read everyone's reviews, I had high expectations, but with the price being under 50 dollars, I wasn't exactly going to be shocked if it was mediocre." 

"A few friends of mine bought it recently and told me of its power, and I thought they were such drama queens."

But she thought it wrong with all her judgments. Let's find out why. 

"I plug this Lil bad boy in. Waiting for it to charge, killing time reading some erotica, my friend and fellow queenie, recommended, because I don't have time to screw around waiting to 'get in the mood.' I have to get the kids in a few hours, and I need to be ready to go when this thing is done. Tik Tok b**** welcome to motherhood," she continues.

"I started on low, which I barely even felt, so me being me, I decided to go from zero to 60 in 3.5. I hit the suction button setting to level five or six and hit the G-spot button as well. At least, I think that's what happened because I'm pretty sure I blacked out. My legs went straight out like those goats who faint when scared."

"I frantically tried to turn it off but ended up hitting the buttons like a maniac, sending even stronger suction. I'm pretty sure I levitated. It was an unending orgasm," she said.

She then continues the review. "This time, my soul left me, and God himself said, 'child, it is not your time, go back to the Lil pink light.' I get up to clean up and realize in my seizure-like orgasms, I hurt my hip and back. I'm still hobbling four hours later. I did not stretch enough."

She ended her review by adding her thoughts about this fantastic toy "So in conclusion, this met and exceeded expectations. Hydrate, make sure you don't have to do anything that involves decisions or brainpower for the rest of the day, and the love of god, stretch like you are about to run the 500-meter dash."


The traditional vibrators may bore you sometimes, so don't hesitate to try these new types of vibrators. Now that you know how clitoral stimulation gives intense orgasms, get yourself this trending OG clitoral sucking vibrator. Trying new things will tell if it works right for you or not. 

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