One important thing about going on a first date is to make a good first impression. You'd probably go through your wardrobe to find the most appropriate dress to wear, before spending an hour in front of your mirror getting your hair and makeup done right. After all, you want to look your best.

And then there are motivational sayings such as "Be yourself," "He will like you for you," "If it's meant to be, it will be," which sorta imply that even without all the face-art and ironed hair, if a man is right for you, he will be with you anyway.

Some people meet their other halves bare-faced, so that eliminates half the emotional stress of revealing your 'true face' to your partner. But what about those who have never gone without makeup with a new partner? When is the right time to let your beauty guard down in a relationship?

According to a new survey by U.K. pharmacy Superdrug, 60% of women don't go makeup-free in the first month of a relationship. For most women, makeup is a major confidence booster. But eventually, these women reach a point where it's comfortable enough to stop waking up before their partners do to swipe on the sneaky morning-after mascara and rub in some rouge for the cheeks and lips.