If you find yourself unable to land a man, or woman... or, well, basically get laid, the problem might be your hair.

The quick fix is the "Get Laid Haircut," the invention of NYC stylist Mischa G, who charges $110 for the hairdo. According to the New York Post, Mischa's magic hands have given many the confidence they need to meet a person and get laid.

NY Post also includes anecdata from a few of Mischa's satisfied clients, and provides photo evidence of their before and after.

“She just has this amazing talent for knowing what will flatter the shape of their face and bone structure,” says New York City matchmaker Amy Van Doren.
The duo has a quid-pro-quo arrangement wherein they send business each other’s way.

“Crazy things seem to happen to people after they’ve seen Mischa. It’s just a massive shot of confidence,” adds Van Doren.
So not only should you get a new hairstyle, you need to find a stylist who knows what you need. Time to start cranking, ladies!

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