Most likely, this is your first time buying an engagement ring for your partner. It could be challenging, especially when you don’t have an idea of what to buy. Of course, that will be much harder when your partner often uses jewelry in their everyday life. You may already feel the pressure of just by having a proposal, getting the perfect ring may add to what you are already feeling.

There could be an endless option for the perfect one, but you can’t go wrong with lab grown diamond engagement ring. They are a variety of diamond that might be your first time hearing it. Since we are all familiar that diamonds can only be extracted from natural sources. As the name suggests, lab grown diamonds are created from a laboratory overseen by experts.

Why lab grown diamond rings are the best? Here’s some of the reason why you and your partner will appreciate it.

Less expensive.

When visiting a jewelry store that offers both natural and lab grown diamonds, you may see a difference in terms of the price. Even if they have the same metal weight and diamond grade, lab grown ones are less expensive. You may already have an idea why – mining is much more expensive than creating one from a laboratory. This will give you an extra budget to add for the dinner or the surprise party you might be planning for the engagement. Better yet, you may buy another piece of jewelry as an additional gift for your partner or as an investment when buying one for yourself.

Identical with natural diamonds.

Though some call lab grown diamonds “synthetic”, this kind is identical to mined diamonds. If you would not believe it, you can ask your favorite jeweler. You’ll be surprised that when you buy these eco-friendly diamonds, it will also include a grading report and a certification issued by a qualified and trusted association of diamond experts. The 4Cs still apply to them – as they are categorized the same way as natural diamonds. If you still can’t believe their words about the authenticity of lab grown diamonds, ask your jeweler for a diamond test and it will surely get a positive result. In the Mohs scale of hardness, it will also score 10 just like the mined diamonds.

Perfect for those who care for the environment.

Is your partner a nature lover or an environmental activist? You don’t have to settle for the natural diamonds that are known to leave damaging effects on nature due to the mining involved to extract them. Lab grown diamonds are created with the same chemical and composition as the mined ones, the same reason why they would get the same result when tested with some equipment. You’ll be sure that they will like this ring when it is in a setting with their preferred metal.

Lab grown diamonds are truly an advancement brought by technology and research made by experts. This makes it the next best alternative when getting an engagement ring for your partner. Don’t be shy to ask your jeweler to ask for the designs they offer for this gemstone. Who knows, you may get the best one from this section!