Wouldn’t you love to be able to jet off to a tropical location, no matter what your finances looked like? Well, you can if you own a holiday home. By purchasing a property in a tropical location, you can kiss goodbye to those expensive hotel fees and instead stay somewhere that you own.

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That’s right, it’s going to make your next family vacation a lot cheaper. We know what you’re thinking, though. How could I possibly afford to buy a luxury home in a popular vacation spot? Well, it’s easier than you might think and we have some of the best tips on how to do it.

Get A Portfolio Loan

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You probably don’t have the money in your account to buy a home straight up with a cash purchase. Instead, you’ll need to think about taking out a loan. Rather than seeking out a mortgage or borrowing from an expensive source, think about taking out a portfolio loan. A portfolio loan means that you’ll be using the money for investment purposes and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. We’ll explain why a little further down but before we get there, you need to know what is required of you to get a portfolio loan.

Basically, your finances need to be squeaky clean. So, pay off any debts, fix your credit and make sure a loan company has every reason to trust you. A loan like this can take at least three months to get approval. But, it is worth it to gain access to those lower interest rates.

Choose The Right Property

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You want to minimize the fuss and the cost of investing in a property like this. The best way to do that is select a specific type of property. Ideally, you want to buy a home in a gated, private street. This means that maintenance is going to be part of the built-in cost. You won’t have to hire your own cleaners or gardeners. Similar types of purchases that provide this are planned developments and properties within a holiday resort. Buying a property like this is a smart investment because every job that is required when purchasing a home will be taken care of.

You can find properties like this by checking out some of the great investment opportunities on sale right now. For instance, Sky Five Properties listings are the perfect place to start your search if you’re interesting in purchasing a second home somewhere near the sunny city of Miami. That’s definitely a spot that draws interest from the vacation crowd.

Rent It Out

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Lastly, once you’ve found your dream property to buy, do make sure that you start renting it out as soon as possible. This is a great way to quickly pay back that loan. It’s best to think about buying a property in later winter or early spring. That way, you’ll have the whole of the first summer to make a lot of the money you spent back. You’ll need to make sure you advertise your property, and you may want to hire the help of an agent to do this.

As you can see then, buying a holiday home is a lot simpler and far more affordable than most people realize.

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