Everybody has THAT FRIEND who posts numerous photos of their kids on social networks. If you have more than 10 friends who do that, we feel sorry for you. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

Kids photos are slowly becoming a norm. But what about babies' social media accounts? As in, parents writing on behalf of their speechless children?

From NY Mag:
Harper Estelle Wolfeld-Gosk has 6,282 Twitter followers. She's 2 weeks old. The daughter of Today show correspondent Jenna Wolfe (58,610 followers) and NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk (12,356 followers), Harper was registered for an account at birth by her moms to "give her a little voice in the loud world of social media," said Jenna. "Didn't know if anyone would follow her tweets, but I figured she'd have at least two loyal followers — her mother and me. Turns out, she's pretty funny. Guess it was all that amniotic fluid." The tweets are written in the infant's voice: "First doc appt tdy. Big success," reads the second one. "Pooped AND pee'd on Dr's changing table. Everyone laughed. Will have to try that again tmrw at home."
It makes me feel sad to only have 300 Twitter followers, and that I pen my own thoughts... And nobody cares. I need to birth a baby pronto.