A British millionaire who divorced his ex-wife and moved his new girlfriend into the house where they were still living together cannot comprehend on why his ex became "so aggressive" when he suggested that she work as his housekeeper.

The couple were married in the late 1970s and divorced in the 90s but continued to live in the same home until about five years ago, when the man moved his new girlfriend and her 12-year-old daughter into the house.

In an attempt to diffuse such an awkward living situation, the man suggested that his ex stay on as their maid so that she could continue living in the house. She did not take it so well.

The matter was brought before a judge, who ruled that the ex was entitled to about $8 million which is half the worth of her ex-husbands estate:
The judge ruled that there was "no distinction" between the couple's life before and after the divorce and that she should receive more than £6 million.
According to reports, the husband "could not come to terms with why she, through her lawyers, had become so aggressive."

Just, wow. But you have to admit, this would probably make a great script for a TV show.

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