If you are living in an African country, you might have considered moving out at some point for better opportunities. One of the most popular options among Africans who have moved out of their respective countries is the USA. The land of opportunities has attracted people from a lot of developing countries in the past couple of decades. If you are also considering a move to the US from Africa and are eligible for immigration, then you must do complete research before relocating. Let’s have a look at a few things that you must be aware of before moving to the US.

Every State Is Different
Before moving to the US, you must know that every state is unique. America is a big country, and it is spread on 3.8 million square miles. Every state you will visit will not only have a different dialect or culture but also would have different laws and policies. For example, if you need car insurance, you will first have to check the requirements of the state you are living in and will have to get one according to it. So, before you move there try to gather information that is more relevant to the state you are moving to.

Sending Money Is Easier Than You Think
A lot of Africans move to the USA for better job opportunities and sometimes they have to leave their family behind. When you are so far away from your family, it becomes hard to take care of them.  Though you will always stay in touch with them, thanks to social media. You will also need to send money back home from time to time. You can do that easily via Western Union as it is a very convenient way of sending money to Africa online. That will save you the trouble of getting into the complexity of wire transfers and bank transfers. It is also one of the quickest ways of sending money.

Americans Are Workaholic 
Unlike Europe and Canada, the US does not have less working hours and more holidays. Americans are workaholics as they are required to work hard in order to move up. There is no law in the US that says an employer must grant paid leaves to the employees. However, there are a lot of organizations that do grant paid leaves. It is true that Africans are also very hardworking as they have to work long hours as well, but you should still keep that in mind before moving.

Avoid Using Trains
If you want to spend time traveling within the country, then remember that trains are not really a good option. The country is famous for its wide and long roads, not its trains. Trains are usually very expensive and uncomfortable. The government has not been funding trains for a long time now, and you can only find some good trains on the northeastern coast. That is the reason a lot of Americans prefer flights or driving.

Road drives over trains. The trains move very slowly as well, and they do not even arrive on time on most occasions.