Wondering about getting a tattoo? Here is everything you need to know about tattoos. Tattoos could be temporary or leave an indelible mark on your skin forever. It is a form of body modification and an art to say the least. People decide to get tattoos for many different reasons.

Others could be as a right of passage depending on the community rituals. Tattoos could also simplify religious or spiritual affiliations, a mark of status (e.g. among chiefs and royalty), artistic or cosmetic reasons. Modern day tattooing also involves getting tattoos to symbolize belonging to a particular group or sect.

There exists text based tattoos which could include numbers, quotes, lyrics, scriptures or names.

1.    Tattoos as a symbol of inspiration

•    Certain people are inspired by their surroundings, observations, beliefs or people. Christians for example could get tattoos of their favorite scriptures. The most common scriptures are John 3:16, Psalms 23, Philippians 4:13, Jeremiah 33:3 and much more.

•    Quotes form a basis of inspiration for most people too. Famous quotes are derived from motivational speakers, preachers (e.g. Joel Osteen, T.D Jakes) and inspirational leaders like Martin Luther King Jnr and Barrack Obama.

•    We can all agree that music takes you to another place. Musicians are known to sing with such soulful voices and put emotion in their songs. Most folks are inspired by lyrics of various songs. They could decide to get tattoos of their favorite lyrics from different songs. Others could also get tattoos of just the titles of those songs. Big musical influences include Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. I mean who doesn't love these old souls?

2.    Tattoos for identification

Belonging to certain groups could call for identification. This could be in form of tags, identification cards or even tattoos like in this case. Members could be asked to get tattoos of the group name or symbols in certain parts of their body. These tattoos could be either permanent or temporary depending on the group affiliations or personal decisions.

Tattoos are sometimes used by forensic pathologies to identify bodies of John Does that have been badly mutilated or burnt beyond recognition. This can be attributed to the fact that tattoos are not easily destroyed even when the skin is burnt. It remains deeply indented into the skin.

Criminals in certain countries, especially in the ancient times were tattooed for identification purposes. The tattoos were mainly placed on the forehead or arm.

Pet dogs and cats could be tattooed as a way of branding. This makes identification easier.

3.    Tattoos for artistic and cosmetic reasons

Modern day society conforms to tattooing for artistic and cosmetic reasons. Art lovers see tattoos as an expression of their feelings and artistic impressions. People get tattoos of their favorite paintings or drawings.
Most couples also get tattoos of each other as a symbol of love and appreciation. This happens a lot in the modern world. The couples only have to agree on getting the matching tattoos and on which part of the body. Getting a tattoo of your spouse indicates love, appreciation and commitment.

4.    Medical reasons

This may come as a surprise to most of you. Ideally, tattoos could be used for medical reasons. Medical tattoos are important in helping to locate instruments for repeated radiotherapy or even breast reconstruction.
Tattoos can also be drawn to cover vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disorder.

If you have never gotten a tattoo, getting it for the first time could seem scary. I have outlined various things you should know before making the big decision:

1.    Decide exactly on the type of tattoo you'd like to get. This is important since it will be inked to your skin forever. Think wisely.

2.    Get a tattoo for the right reasons.

3.    Be prepared to stay for a certain period of time at the tattoo parlor. Complicated tattoos take time.

4.    If you have a medical condition, talk to your doctor before getting the tattoo.

5.    Online tattoo maker

Finding the best design for your tattoo doesn't have to be a difficult task. These days many onlinetattoo generatorsare available to covers all your interests. You could get the best lettering for your tattoo, designs, fonts and even coloring. Most of them are free.

If you soon come to regret your tattoo you can always consider laser removal, if you’re in the Brighton area for example I would suggest Zapp Laser.