During the 2013 Christmas holidays Canadian airline, WestJet, gave some passengers a really huge Christmas surprise. They deployed Santa on life-size screens at the boarding gates in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, and asked actual passengers what they wanted for Christmas. When these passengers arrived in Calgary a few hours later, the gifts they had wished for appeared on the baggage carousel. There were screams of disbelief and tears of joy among the ecstatic passengers. But for WestJet, their video amassed millions of YouTube hits.
And it seems another airline had also been planning a huge Christmas surprise for their passengers. Whilst not as personal as WestJet in their gifting technique, Air Asia turned the entire LCC Terminal into a huge festive ground, with Santas, carolers and Air Asia staff spreading Christmas joy by handing out candy, cookies and toys to everyone in the airport.

But for one really lucky flight, every passenger on-board received free return-flight tickets to Chengdu, Hangzhou, Perth, Adelaide and Taipei!

We officially have higher expectations of Air Asia now. What will they do this year? Chinese New Year is up soon. Ahem.

Watch the video, posted on Air Asia's Facebook page, below:

Check out WestJet's tearjerker video too: