You decided to adopt a puppy, bought all the supplies they need and puppy-proofed your house to make sure they’re safe. Now you can bring them home, and you’re excited and eager because you want to spend time together. But it would help if you also tried to imagine what coming to your house means for them. 

The process may be scary because you take them from their family and bring them into a new environment where they know no one. They are afraid and confused, and you must help them adjust to their new house and life. 

Your first instinct tells you to bring them home, introduce them to the family, and play with them. But it’s best to take them slowly

Find a potty spot
If you live in a house, you can take them to the garden or back yard where you want them to go potty. Even if they don’t relieve themselves from the first time, take them there regularly to get accustomed to the space. When they relieve themselves, use a command like go potty to help them associate the area with the command. Remember to praise them every time they relieve themselves in the designed space. Also, don’t worry if during the first days they do it inside, or in different places, they need time to adjust to the new house. 

Introduce them to the new place
You puppy-proofed the house and made sure it’s ready to welcome the new family members. But it would be best if you didn’t let them loose to explore all rooms because it can be sensory overload. There are too many places to discover, too many smells to get accustomed to, and everyone fussing around them can confuse them. When you first bring your goldendoodle puppies at home, take them to a designated area where they can spend the first days. Offer them food, water, and toys so they can familiarize themselves with the new family. Let them use this space before they explore the rest of the space. Then slowly introduce them to the rest of the family members, and when you allow them to check the house, skip the rooms you want to keep them away from.    

Introduce them to the new family members
After they get accustomed to the place, the other family members can get to know the puppy better and spend time together. It’s best to keep one person at a time, even though it can be challenging to keep them away when it comes to a new puppy. But try to give them the chance to rest a little and get accustomed to the smells and new environment. When you introduce them to new family members or other pets, do it as quietly as possible because loud noises may startle them. 

To encourage them to connect with other family members, they can bring a chew toy because puppies love to chew and play. Make sure all toys they play with are safe and they cannot choke with them.