A mega-wealthy dude spotted Nathalie Emmanuel at a club in London, and decided he had to try to impress her. So he bought $55K worth of alcohol and sent it to her table. Was that enough to get the Game of Thrones star to take notice?

First, we're talking about Missandei here.

She's pretty badass herself, considering, this is her boss:

Plus, she's a huge star too, so $55K ain't going to cut it, son.

And she's been in worse situations before, so she definitely knows how to handle herself.

According to TMZ:

Nathalie, who plays Missandei, was clubbing it up with her gal pals at London hotspot China White last Saturday … when a wealthy mega fan at the club dropped $55k to party with her, with the help of 12 bottles of Dom and a 6 liter bottle of Belvedere, which he sent to her table.

The mid-40s fanboy also commissioned a personalized show in which he controlled club lights and a CO2/confetti cannon.

Problem is, Nathalie wasn’t impressed and sent the booze back.

The rich dude was probably thinking about a scene with Nathalie like this:

I mean, who gets impressed by a confetti cannon these days?