We all have doppelgangers, but here are some 13 people who look like famous cartoon characters. This list is either hilarious or creepy, depending how you look at it. Check it out!

1. Nicki Minaj got her hairstyle from Adam / He-Man.

2. Christina Hendricks, if she were a cartoon character.

3. The Comic Book guy spotted in real life.

4. The little girl from Despicable Me.

5. Real-life Elsa is downright attractive.

6. Not such a good thing when you look like a character from Ice Age.

7. Consuela!

8. Meg in real-life.

9. Mr Burns. This looks creepy.

10. Bill Murray sporting the Papa Smurf look.

11. Ned Flanders.

12. Looks like Khal Drogo and Scar had more things in common.

13. The cute kid from Up!